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(4-6 Hour Response Time For Commercial HP Laser Printers, Plotters, Photocopiers and Multifunction Machines)

Think about this… If you own a hp designjet printer you might want to ask the question, Does you machine require a designjet service?

Here at All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP Service Centre we can quickly and easily arrange an onsite service for you ‘TODAY’ when you call 1300 881 454.

Here’s why Designjet servicing is important…

Maintaining and operating a quality performance machine annually is the bare minimum required for this particular machine. For most users who depend on this particular machine it’s imperative that all graphics, images, sketches are perfect in print, as they may be seen by the client where appearance and presentation can contribute to the sale of the product.

A regular onsite designjet service could be the single biggest benefit to any business that owns and operates these particular machines.

All Printer Solutions Sydney pty Ltd HP Service centre we can guarantee speedy service and record turnaround time given the opportunity. Our business is here to ensure your business does not experience any downtime when using a HP designjet machine.

Here’s What You Can Expect When
Calling To Have Your Designjet Service

During a designjet service you can expect a full clean and test of your printer, a diagnosis and report outlining all strengths and weaknesses, and expert advice on any recommended replacements that may cause any complications in the future.

Did you know that a designjet service can save you big money in the future?

For a small regular service fee, you can save yourself hundreds even thousands of dollars.

We have known customers that leave their machine until something goes wrong which often causes a great deal more grief and headaches, as opposed to keeping up with a regular designjet service.

Just imagine… Exactly how all car manufacturers advise you service your motor vehicle regularly. Well your designjet service is just as important. During your service call you can speak with the qualified field technician regarding a preventative maintenance which is a replacement of all the wear and tear parts which are common during standard usage of your machine.

Some of these parts include carriage assembly, service stations and belt kits.

The designjet service process is made quick and easy here with the All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP service centre. Our goal is to provide you with the ‘FASTEST’ efficient service and information to ensure decision making is easy with repairs and service you can trust for many years to come.

SO… How often should you consider a designjet service?

With any designjet printer it’s highly recommend you service your printer at the very latest every 12 months.

This will ensure your machine receives a full service and examination on any declining parts within the machine. It also allows you to get a full briefing on the performance and quality of your machine, and allows you to understand and instill confidence on the product you’re using; an annual designjet service is an essential part of maintaining your quality printer.

Now here’s something to think about… Whilst the All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP service centre, we highly recommend regular servicing, we don’t believe it should be a costly experience for you.

We offer all new and existing customers a standard flat rate fee for a regular designjet service and competitive pricing on any replacement parts or supplies, we make certain to keep your machine running smoothly through the year.

To learn more on how we can assist with your designjet service enquiries cal1300 881 454.